Salt Cellar in wood - treetobox

Wooden Salt Cellar box

I make boxes, all kinds of different sizes and designs. Mostly Oak, Cherry and Black Walnut, but others are available on request.

A box called Salt cellars, salt boxes and also called salt pigs. Not sure of the story on that. A very sturdy salt storage box for your kitchen. The lid pivots on pins and opens just a little passed 90 degrees to stay open. The inside and outside is finished with beeswax and mineral oil, a food safe finish.

There are many options for sizes, wood, with also options for woodburned text or images.

Enjoy the video of the three boxes made in Black Walnut, Cherry and Oak. These Salt cellars, Salt boxes and Salt Pigs and be made with any combination of the woods listed and other woods if you choose.

This Salt Cellar box shown below is made in All Black Walnut woods. 


A 3D sketch will be provided to confirm the box you specify in the order. 

Thank you Glenn Nief


A short video of 3D sketches showing a Cherry, Black Walnut and Oak wood Salt Cellars. 


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