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Custom wooden Puzzles (Base price shown)

Custom wooden Puzzles (Base price shown)

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These puzzles are 11" x 7" in size. Create your own puzzle with a woodburned copy of your own art work or order from my list.

One-of-a-kind Heirlooms. One-of-a-kind Heirlooms. Classic Design. Children love them. An educational toy. Design your own Any size. Cherry Oak Walnut. Great gift idea. Make a personalized woodburned puzzle baby's first gift. Handcrafted wooden puzzles with (if you want) a Box. Choose size, wood, piece shapes, hidden shapes Woodburned with A-Z animal Designs. All custom made to order, sizes 4x4" to ----- inches". 

This is a truly one of a kind original.
Please EMail me regarding this item. I have many ideas for making these boxes, trays  and puzzles. I would love to hear discuss your ideas for these original heirloom puzzles. The woods I use are Oak, Black Walnut and Cherry, others on request.

If you order, to confirm design, I will provide you with a 3D sketch of the box with the all the choices you made. Questions? email

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