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I personally specialize in making One-of-Kind, Made-to-Order Wooden Boxes and Toys. Each and every wooden box or toy is different and made to my customers orders.
(Me with my co-worker, Pilot)

I use mostly Oak, Cherry and Black Walnut woods. My web page products allow you to choose woods, size, hinge, latch, lock, linings, false bottom, handles, glass top, inlaid and wood-burned images and text, etc  Anything is possible! 
I realize that you may have questions about all of the different possibilities for size, wood, inlays, text, hardware, etc. If you order, I will provide you a 3D sketch with the woods and adornments you chose to represent what you ordered. If you need to modify anything, any change is okay.
To choose the options you want, Click on any image and order.
Please feel free to contact me.
Please feel free to contact me.
About me… I have been on the internet for over 20 years, www.treetobox.com And what you see on these web pages is a collection of the many varied boxes and toys I have made. Going back in my life, The story about me is that I have always been inspired to make things. 

Written by Charlie Anderson in 2001 for Tellico Village Woodworkers March newsletter. 
Glenn Nief is a man that designed and modeled his dream house before he was 40 years of age. Then bought a piece of property that would accommodate his design. But first the story. Glenn grew up in Detroit in a family of artisans. His Father was a commercial artist and his Mother a fine artist. His Grandfather wrote some of the original drafting textbooks for Henry Ford. Glenn went to Lawrence Technological University the same school his Mother and Father attended, graduating as a Mechanical Engineer with extra course work in fine arts at the Center for Creative Studies-College of Art and Design in Detroit. He also picked up some architectural  skills when working with architect Walter E. Reddig. During and after college Glenn spent 5 years in Tool & Gage design before joining the chassis division of TRW as  a manufacturing and product engineer. In 1990 Glenn was given temporary assignment at TRW's new rack and pinion plant in Vonore, TN. He decided to stay and the company moved Glenn and his dog to Tennessee along with literally tons of hardwood that Glenn had personally chain saw milled for his future home which was originally designed to fit a Michigan lakefront property. After moving here to a temporary location he searched for a property, finally choosing a lakefront in the Chatuga area. It was soon after that he met Elaine, an original Tennessean from Maryville. They married in 1991 and became a welcomed member of her extended local family. Soon after, Glenn started construction of his home. The contractor was helped along by Glenns three dimensional model but left Glenn to install the western red cedar exterior siding, hardwood trim and make all the interior white oak and black walnut cabinetry, also the 14 exterior doors. It is a 3 level home with full glass on all 3 levels facing the lake. It is truly a unique house. Considering he still goes to work each day, Glenn still finds time  to continue work on his house and grounds and give quality time to his three lovely daughters. Glenn has been involved in woodworking since he was 10 when he crafted a 14 foot totem pole for the Boy Scouts. Beyond cabinetry and doors he specializes in making various shaped small wooden boxes. They have inlay and Glenn sometimes adds a wood burn design. He also produces wood burned pictures. He uses a radial arm saw exclusively, mounted on large table for all his projects. Glenn has now established his own Web page, www.treetobox.com marketing some of his creations. Take a peek.
Glenn is a founding member of our club, its first Vice President and served on the Toys for Tots committee for 2 years. We are fortunate to have Glenn and his talents as part of our woodworking family.
Written by Charlie Anderson 2001 for Tellico Village March newsletter. 


Glenn Nief
Made to order. 
Custom one-of-a-kind Wooden Boxes and Toys