Ordering Process

If you are interested in purchasing my available now or custom products, the following are basic suggestions for purchasing.

Available Now items are sent as is, some you can choose to personalize with woodburned or inlaid, images and text.

Custom products have more options like size, wood, edge type, hinges, latches/clasps, handles, false bottom, lights, glass, engravings or inlaid text and images (woodburned and xacto knife cut by hand or laser machine), and on and on. Some ideas you may have can be encorporated into the box or toy you want to design. Most of the images on my website are items I have made before for other customers. Think of them as examples of what I can make for you. 

With each of these products, the process is,

  1. Click on product (base price shown)
  2. Choose options (adds cost for options)
  3. Add to cart (Compiles your choices with total cost)
  4. Click "View cart" (to see and verify your choices and total price)
  5. Return to edit (go back and make edits)
  6. Click "View cart" (to see and verify your choices and total price)
  7. Your cart may have two or more items in your cart if you made edits (delete items you don't want)
  8. Click "Check out" (and add email, address and purchasing method)

You can also email me at treetobox@gmail.com