Keepsake Boxes

Keepsake boxes come in many different forms and can be used for many things. They can be called different names also. Memory box, treasure box, letter box, memorial box, and others.

Custom wooden Keepsake boxes can be made in your choice of woods for the size you need. Personalized with inlaid and/or woodburned images and text. 

Please Browse thru my collection here and on Pinterest of all of the many different custom Keepsake boxes I have made.

I want to make a wooden Keepsake box for you, exactly the way you want it. There are endless choices for you and me to collaborate and create a one of a kind original personalized Keepsake box. 

I create a 3D model, sketch from your choices and our discussions to confirm all details. 

Anything is possible!



Glenn G Nief

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