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SOLD - Available now 9 Hinge train box

SOLD - Available now 9 Hinge train box

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SOLD - This incredible creation is a 9-hinge roll-up box made entirely from wood. It's ingeniously connected to a small two-car train that gracefully rolls out when you open the hinged top. This masterpiece is composed of 233 pieces of wood, carefully selected from Red Oak, White Oak, Cherry, Black Walnut, Maple, Purple Heart, and Blood Wood. With 14 moving parts, it's a true work of art. The wheels are skillfully crafted from cross-grain Purple Heart and Blood Wood.

The dimensions of the closed box are 4-3/8” wide, 9-1/2” long, and 3-1/8” tall. When you open the roll-up hinged top and let the train roll out, the box extends to an impressive 23-1/2” in length."

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