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Custom Wooden Flag Display Case (Base price shown)

Custom Wooden Flag Display Case (Base price shown)

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These flag boxes come with a removable rear panel that is secured by screws. They also can be hinged, with access from front, if a hinge is chosen it will require a latch. 

Box shown is Black Walnut with beveled glass and continuous wooden hinge. Each side is woodburned with name and dates, I can woodburn text in any text font  I can also woodburn images, logos, military emblems, anything.

Anything is possible, please feel free to suggest your ideas.

After ordering, I will provide a 3D sketch of the options you chose. 

Show off your pride and patriotism with this rustic Custom Wooden Flag Display Case! Crafted with quality wood and precise joinery, it's the perfect way to professionally display your flag and protect it from dust and other environmental factors. It comes with a base price, and you can customize it to fit your exact needs. See images for additional details.

Flag box sizes:

3' x 5' flag flown over the the US Capitol or other locations to commemorate special occasions.

5' x 9' Burial flag. 2.75 interior depth.

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