Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the timing to get a custom box or toy?

10-12 weeks for custom orders, expediting is available for 8 week at 30% additional fee  

1-4 weeks for Plans, or "Available Now" Page items.

2. How do I order?

Click on any product and choose the options you desire, to get the cost, and order. After you order I review your order and create a 3D sketch showing the options you chose to verify the design. This is a very important part of the process, and I want both of us, you the customer and myself the maker to be completely sure of the product you desire. Sometime during this process it's common to have changes. It's perfectly okay to have changes after you place your order. I want you to feel comfortable with what I will make for you! Also I do not want to make 

3. What if I am having trouble with picking the customizable options or the site wont let me customize as much as I would like?

You may email me at glenn@treetobox.com 

4. Will you notify me when you complete my order?

Upon completion I send pictures and delivery tracking numbers.

5. False bottom: Does a false bottom height decrease or increase the chosen height of the box?

6. Charge book size and box shelf or drawer size to box size required.

Starting with Binder and page size, I create a 3D sketch to show internal and external Charge book size. From there a drawer or shelf size and finally the box size is determined and verified with a 3D sketch. 

7. In progress pictures?

8. Social media?