Wood Urns

Custom Wooden Urns
As a lasting tribute, there can be no greater act than creating a wooden urn as a receptacle for the ashes of a loved one. Urns can be made several ways from various woods. I create wood urns into a durable, long-lasting urns. Form and function combine to make these cremation urns that not only a container but a memorable heirloom.
Urns can be any size, first you might want to calculate the size for the urn: 1 cubic inch for each 1 pound of weight of the deceased. A vessel 15 inches high by 10 by 5 inches will accommodate a weight of 185 living pounds. 
The best urns are made by master craftsmen and artisans. They are beautiful works of art in their own right and many like to display them openly in their homes. Many are choosing beautiful wooden keepsake urns today to help keep their loved ones memory alive. These keepsakes can hold a small amount of the cremains, a piece of clothing, lock of hair or anything meaningful. There can be more than one urn made for an individuals memory. Many times I make several urns for the family so that each will have a special keepsake to remember the loved one.
The most common urns are made:
  • Urn a little bigger than the ash receptacle, that opens from the bottom, sometimes sealed shut. 
  • Keepsake Urns of any number, that can be any size, made to hold a portion of the ashes, to be given to friends and family.
  • Another way that I make urns is a box with a false bottom that holds the cremains/ashes. The top of the box has a hinged or lift off lid that can be opened to hold and show special memories of the loved one. 
All of these different urns styles can be decorated with woodburned images, and text. Wooden urns have a satiny lacquer finish allowing woodburned or engraved messages and inscriptions. Often I wood burn by hand or engrave the loved ones name, birth and passing dates. the urn can have very beautiful and detailed designs on it.
    Made one-at-a-time
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    Just like people and pets, cremation urns come in many different shapes and sizes.