Customer Testimonies

I work closely with my customers to create their custom boxes. Here are some testimonies that have stuck with me, from a few of my customers, since I started TreeToBox online in 2001.
(Customer's names are abbreviated to respect customer's privacy)
7/2022 - “Hi Glenn, 
Just received the Prayer box from you,  it is a beautiful piece of woodwork just what we were hoping for.
Thanks again for creating this special box for us. Blessings,
Clare V”

7/2022 - “Glenn,

I didn't have a chance to say how pleased I was with the box. It exceeded expectations.

If I wanted a second and third, identical, box, what would be the cost and timeframe?

Best Regards,


7/2022 - “Glenn built a perfect custom display case to exact specifications for showcasing a valuable document. He provided a 3-D CAD model at the start to confirm my requirements and to give me a precise idea of what the finished product would look like. He also kept me informed of his progress along the way, providing pictures of the work in progress. The project ended up taking longer than promised, but it was worth the wait, as it turned out exactly as I had hoped.“-Jon S
8/3/2020 - "Dear Glenn, Thank you for the amazing custom wood box you made for me last year.  I really appreciate your effort and craftsmanship.  The wait was definitely worth it.  I should have given you the feedback much earlier, but I wanted to spend some time with using it first and storing the valuable items that my son will receive one day. " -H. F.
3/31/2021 - "Dear Glenn, The cases arrived today and they are beautiful. I am most pleased with your work and professionalism. The nicest thing I was ever told after a gig was "You're a class act." And I must say that applies to you too. Thank you again for your time & talent" -T. M.
12/31/2020  - "Hi Glenn, I am so sorry it has taken me so long to send this note. I received the box you made. I am truly at a loss for words. It is indescribably gorgeous! The pictures you sent were amazing but they do not do your work justice. Your craftsmanship is stunning. I am so happy to have this beauty and I will treasure it for a lifetime. I feel very fortunate to have caught you when you had one already made.  I look at your site often and will definitely be a returning customer. This is the 6th item you have made for me BUT this one I get to keep.  Kindest thanks for everything. I appreciate all you did for me. Happy New Year!" - M.
9/25/2013 -"Glenn, I just got the package and its really a piece of art. I love it and I'm sure he will too. Thank you very much." -A.
7/1/2013 -"Dear Glenn, Your artistic master piece arrived today!!  THANK YOU! My husband is absolutely amazed with your woodworking skills and the beauty of the woods.Although the Bible box will house a family heirloom, it will be in and of itself a dear and cherished possession. Oh yes . . . . . . the Bible fits beautifully inside. Thank you again.  The wait was worth it."- P.