About the Woodworker

I personally specialize in making One-of-Kind, Made-to-Order Wooden Boxes and Toys. Each and every wooden box or toy is different and made to my customers orders.
(Me with my co-worker, Pilot)

I use mostly Oak, Cherry and Black Walnut woods. My web page products allow you to choose woods, size, hinge, latch, lock, linings, false bottom, handles, glass top, inlaid and wood-burned images and text, etc  Anything is possible! 
I realize that you may have questions about all of the different possibilities for size, wood, inlays, text, hardware, etc. If you order, I will provide you a 3D sketch with the woods and adornments you chose to represent what you ordered. If you need to modify anything, any change is okay.
To choose the options you want, Click on any image and order.
Please feel free to contact me.
I specialize in continuous wooden hinges.
Here is a video to show a wooden hinge on one of my previous boxes.

About me… I have been on the internet for over 20 years, www.treetobox.com And what you see on these web pages Is a collection of the many varied bixes and toys i have made. Going back in my life, The story about me is that I have always benn inspired to make things. 
50 years ago I was carving totem poles for the boy scouts in Michigan,