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Custom wooden box (Base price shown)

Custom wooden box (Base price shown)

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I am offering these Custom wooden boxes in interior sizes, from 3x3x2” to 6x6x3”. The wooden hinge, latch and the herringbone border are included in this box. You can choose the woods and sizes you like. Also if you want to personalize your box, I will inlay or woodburn text or images.

Please go thru the ordering process by Choosing the options you want.

After ordering, please don’t worry about the choices you made, I review every choice you made, and make suggestions if necessary. I also will provide a 3D sketch of the options you chose to make sure you get what you want.

FYI, The box shown is made of an Oak interior with a Black Walnut exterior. The White Oak lid has an extra border of Cherry wood and an inlaid herring bone pattern in a dark and light woods. The lid has a wooden hinge made from the same interior and exterior woods. This continuous wooden hinge is my original design and a specialty of mine. The lid also closes securely thanks to another design of mine, a wooden latch. This unique latch is made with the box interior Oak and exterior Black Walnut woods. 

Any questions? email me at or add a comment about it in your order.

Anything is possible, please feel free to suggest your ideas.

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