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Revolving vinyl record album cabinet (Base price shown)

Revolving vinyl record album cabinet (Base price shown)

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These particular boxes are for LP, vinyl record albums, with sleeves. I call them "Revolving phonograph album cabinets". Can be made in various widths with dividers, and different woods. Exterior Height is 20" and depth (front to back) is 17".

I designed this cabinet in the early 1980’s with a smooth revolving action. A slight touch to the bottom will rotate your Vinyl records 90 degrees. The rotation is perfectly balanced so the cabinet drum holding your precious vinyl records will stay open or closed.

The width for your vinyl records is your choice...

12" Starting Interior width in inches (right to left)

Approximately 40 vinyl record albums fit in 6" of space.

Exterior width will be 6" larger than the dimension you choose.

Can be adorned with any design or text. Additional fees may need to be added for design requests.

I will be glad to work with your design or help you find one that suits your needs. hand made in wood one-at-a-time to order. One-of-a-kind custom made to order vinyl record cabinet. You can create your own here. Anything is possible, please feel free to suggest your ideas. After ordering, I will provide a 3D sketch of the options you chose. 

Delivery costs are TBD on this item. (base on location and size.

Basic weight is 45 lbs

Packaging is $65

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